Communications is one of the most popular college majors nowadays. And, for good reason. The broad subject of study can get applied to numerous careers and opportunities in this modern media world.

In a society where more people have a smartphone than running water, it’s no wonder people are looking for jobs in communications.

The ample opportunities and reliance on communication and media skills lead to many high-paying and in-demand jobs. Keep reading to learn about some of the top paying communications jobs available today.

Brand Strategist

Brand strategists work with particular companies or brands. They’re responsible for:

  • Marketing the product/service/company
  • Identifying key target audiences
  • Forming the unique voice of the brand
  • Using social media to push the product, service, or mission of the company

Brand strategists are also responsible for coming up with new and innovative marketing strategies, overseeing brand campaigns, and managing all the people who work to implement brand strategy ideas.

The salary for this career will depend on the brand itself. Smaller brands and companies still need brand strategists, but they can’t afford to pay higher salaries. If you work for bigger brand names, however, you can make over $100,000 per year.

As you gain more experience, you can move into high positions under the brand strategist career name. While you might begin as an assistant or team member, you can climb the ladder all the way up to a director or management position that allows you to oversee all projects under the brand strategy division of your company.

Public Relations

As with brand strategists, the amount of money you’ll earn in a public relations career will depend on what level you’re at in your career. While you may start off making the average salary working in a PR firm (around $64,000 per year), you can move up to a management or supervisory position. Or, even open your own firm, to seriously increase your earnings.

As the name suggests, public relations specialists and managers work to plan and direct how a person, brand, or company comes off to the public. They do this by:

  • Organizing and planning events
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Marketing certain aspects of the company
  • Drafting and editing press releases
  • Overseeing logos/branding
  • Create media on behalf of the company

You can see that the duties of a PR career involve many aspects of communications (journalism, media, social media, marketing, etc). If you’re specialized in a particular area, you may also be able to earn more based on your increased level of experience.

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing is marketing done through the creation of media content, whether that’s blog posts, online copy, social media posts, or videos. Content marketing itself is an excellent career, but the top paid position in this communications specialty is in content marketing management.

Content marketing managers usually have experience working as content creators or marketers in the past. This gives them an understanding of exactly how the field works. It also helps them relate to and manage content creators and marketers working for them.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Creating and overseeing the creation of content (videos, blog posts, writing, social media posts, etc)
  • Analyzing data, metrics, and trends
  • Co-ordinating with other marketing groups within the company/brand
  • Planning and following through with marketing campaigns
  • Manage a group of content creators

You can also specialize in marketing management in school, which will increase your likelihood of finding a job in this area. Content marketing managers can make close to $100,000 annually.

Sales Manager/Director

You might not think sales is connected to communications, but it is. Salespeople and those in charge of Sales Departments must be able to:

  • Target specific audiences
  • Effectively communicate with customers and businesses
  • Work closely with marketing departments
  • Analyze marketing/sales data to make decisions
  • Understand marketing and sales strategies

All of these things go hand in hand with communications skills and education. The best part? If you can make your way up to a Sales Director or President of Sales, you could be making over $175,000 per year.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers will have many similar responsibilities as content marketing managers. But, this job will focus almost entirely on the social media portion of marketing and image instead of broadly encompassing all content creation and marketing.

Social media managers are in charge of managing, posting, and using a company or brand’s social media profiles. This means you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all popular forms of social media, as well as any new platforms that launch. Today, these mostly include Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

The salary for this communications career will depend on the company or brand you’re working for. If you’re working for a smaller pop and pop firm, chances are, they don’t have a huge budget for your salary.

But if you’re working for a large corporation, you could be making some serious money.

Human Resources

As with the sales position, you might be a bit confused to see human resources on a list of communications careers. However, just as with sales jobs, human resources positions require many skills you’ll have from an education or experience in communications. These include:

  • Speaking effectively with members of your organization
  • Communicating with both high-level execs and beginning employees
  • Ensuring groups are working and communicating effectively
  • Dealing with issues and problems that may arise
  • Develop training materials and programs
  • Drafting e-mails, company memos, and informative pamphlets

If you can climb the corporate ladder to become an HR executive, supervisor, or even President of Human Resources, you could make close to $190,000 per year.

Top Paying Communications Jobs: Final Thoughts

There’s something important to note here. You’re not going to leave school and instantly be hired as the President of Content Creation and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These careers require you to start low and work your way up with hard work, experience, and dedication. Once you put in your work and show that you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to make significant money doing something you love.

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