Why Twitter?

 A complete guide to advertising on Reddit including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and more.

Twitter is a social media platforms that resembles texting; it allows a user to post his or her thoughts and interact with individuals in 140 characters of less. With 328,000,000 users, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms.

Media Overview
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By the Numbers

Media Overview

Media Type

Twitter started as a news and social platform that was supposed to resemble texting. The 140 characters is because at the time, that was the limit of how much a text could have. Users are able to share whatever they are thinking and retweet or favorite something that they enjoy, agree with, or want other users to see.

Post Lifespan

Tweets remain on someone’s page forever until that person decides to delete it. Twitter became popular became it gave someone a voice and the ability to interact with people all over the world.

User Interests

Twitter users have a variety of interest due to the array of users that they have. A majority of users are teenagers and young adults. The users are able to follow people and pages that they are interested in to remain up to date with any news or interact with their favorite brands and or people.

Some interests include:

  • Celebrities
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Tutorials
  • Nightlife
  • College life


Advertising Info

Twitter Advertising

Measuring Success


Twitter provides analytics for users and marketers. If someone wanted to see how a tweet is doing, he or she is able to view the analytics to see the amount of people reached.


Some ways that you can measure success include:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Cost per click
  • URL shares
  • Amount of retweets and favorites
  • Social goals
  • Awareness engagement drive traffic
  • Advocates and fans share of voice

Cost of Ads

The cost of an ad ranges based on the type of ad and your location.

If a marketer would like to use a promoted tweet, it ranges from $.50 to $2. The average is about $1.35 per engagement.

For a promoted account the price ranges from $.50 to $4. The average for a local campaign is about $2.35 per follower.

Promoted trends will be the most expensive advertisement. To have a promoted trend, it will cost $200,000 per day

Fact Sheet

Twitter Advertising guide. A complete guide to advertising on Reddit including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and more.

Twitter by the Numbers

Amount of Users

Twitter has a wide variety of users. Many are college educated who have established careers. Twitter also have teenagers who enjoy broadcasting their daily activities and aspirations.

Tweets per day

Twitter’s users are able to express anything that they wish from professional to personal. With a wide variety of users, Twitter is able to have content that appeals to everyone.

Monthly Visitors

 With over 313 million monthly users, it makes it easier for an advertiser to find a market that can engage with his or her product or service.

Key Demographics

Average Income

Due to Twitter’s large following the average income varies. Twitter’s demographic includes a wide variety of teenagers and adults with a large amount of purchasing power.


    Most of Twitter have a education with a college degree or more. There is only a small percentage that have a high school education or less.

    Geographic Regions

    With a high number of users, Twitter is sporadic throughout the world. The United States have the most users with 133 million. Followed by India with 39 million users. You can learn about the top countries below:

    Gender Split