Why Snapchat?

A complete guide to advertising on Snapchat including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and how to create successful ads.

In the past few years, Snapchat has taken the social media field by storm. With over 100 million active daily users who are on the app at least 10 times a day, this huge highly engaged audience cannot be ignored.

With multiple ways to advertise, Snapchat makes finding your targeted demographic easy. Snapchat also makes it easy for your users to engage with your ads, and they have become master’s at it. Gatorade created a game that was accessible through a Snap Ad where snapchatters spend an average of three minutes interacting with the ad. They also offer some of the best prices, starting at a measly $5, advertising on Snapchat is easy for even the smallest business.

Media Overview
Fact Sheet
By the Numbers

Media Overview

Media Type

Snapchat uses different types of disappearing media

Snapchat started as an app that sent pictures that disappeared to cyberspace after 10 seconds. Since it’s inception, the app has evolved to add video and messaging. They also implemented Snapchat Stories, where users can post pictures and videos that expire after 24 hours.

There is also a large creative aspect of Snapchat, where users can edit pictures and videos. The app is constantly expanding what users can do to manipulate pictures so every post can be personalized. You can chose from different filters, geo-filters, lenses that change your face, stickers, text and a drawing function. The possibilities are endless.

User Interests

Snapchat has created a number of lifestyle categories

There are over 60 categories so far covering fashion, cooking, political news, music and hobbies. Some of these categories include:

  • Adventure Sports
  • Nightlife
  • Do It Yourself
  • College Life
  • Dance and EDM Music
  • Hip Trends
  • Combat Sports
  • Travel
  • Arts and Culture
  • Technology and Gadgets

Post Lifespan

Everything on Snapchat has an expiration date

Pictures and videos sent between users can be set to disappear from 1 -10 seconds from the time they are opened.

Snapchat Stories automatically expire 24 hours after they are posted. Snapchat has given users the option to save pictures and stories to an internal storage cloud within the app or directly to the phone’s camera roll. While things can be re-posted, its not the usual practice.

Advertising Info

Snapchat Advertising

Measuring Success

There are a few different ways to measure the success of a Snapchat campaign:

Snapchat has their own analytics platform built in that is fairly new. It allows you to get real time metrics on:

  • Campaign Spend
  • Impressions
  • eCPM
  • Swipes
  • Cost per Swipe

Third party platforms, like the popular Snaplytics and Delmondo, are used to get key metrics including:

  • Open rates
  • Views
  • Screenshots
  • Completion rates
  • Competitor Insights
  • Audience Insights
  • Channel Comparisons

Cost of Ads

Snapchat offers a number of different advertising options:

Snap Ad Campaigns 

$3,000 a month

Sponsored Lenses 

$450,000 a day Sunday – Thursday

$500,000 Friday – Saturday

$700,000+ for special events and holidays


Start as low as $5 for local places

Fact Sheet

Snapchat's advertising fact sheet including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and how to create a successful ad.

Snapchat by the Numbers

Amount of Users

Snapchat’s largest user base is millennials. In fact,  it has given Facebook a run for its money in that age demographic, and they reach 11 percent of the total US digital population.

Daily Users

About 85 percent of the daily users are 13- 34. Users 25 and visit the app 20+ times a day. Snapchat has become more than just a photo sharing app, people are using it for messaging and creative purposes.

Snaps Every Day

More than 20,000 pictures are shared every minute. It would take almost 10 years to view all the Snapchat photos in the last hour.

Key Demographics

Average Income

Because Snapchat’s user base is young, the majority of users don’t make a lot of money:

    Geographic Regions

    Snapchat is used worldwide:

    According to Global Web Index the countries with the highest penetration of cellphone users aged 16 to 64 are:


    Snapchat has captured about 53 percent of college students.

    Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on Snapchat’s education demographics. However, out of the percent of US cellphone owners aged 18+ Snapchat has:

    Gender Split