Why SlideShare?

SlideShare is a global platform for sharing knowledge in the form of a slide deck. With 80% of its 80 million visitors coming from targeted search, SlideShare is an excellent platform for targeted advertising. Slide content varies over a range of 35 categories and can be in the form of a presentation, document, video, or infograph. Advertising can be implemented through slide decks, ad banners, newsletters and more. By choosing the right audience, you can market your product or service and hopefully reach the front page of featured content.

Media Overview
Fact Sheet
By the Numbers

Media Overview

Media Type

SlideShare content is created in the form of a slide deck and can include documents, PDFs, videos, webinars, images. Lead-capture forms can be added to a presentation with a SlideShare Pro account. Additionally, in your presentations you can offer an e-book, build an email list through data collection, and create a newsletter sign up. Viewers can rate, comment and share content.

Helpful SlideShare Presentation Tips

  • Infographs are five times more liked than presentations
  • Longer presentations receive more views

Post Lifespan

Presentations remain on the SlideShare website forever. If a presentation is particularly well-crafted, the SlideShare editorial team will add the presentation to the ‘Featured SlideShares’ section. For this to happen the presentation must have at least a few thousand views. The team also picks top SlideShares of the day and they are posted to the top of the homepage. They will also tweet the presentation on their Twitter account for further exposure. The presentation will then remain on the SlideShare trophy page forever.

User Interests

The majority of SlideShare users are business and marketing professionals. They use this platform to gain visibility for their own personal brand or business.

SlideShare featured topics include:

  • Technology
  • Self Improvement
  • Recruiting and HR
  • Sports
  • Software
  • Sales
  • News & Politics
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Lifestyle
  • Career

Advertising Info

SlideShare Advertisements

Cost of Ads

SlideShare uses LeadShare and AdShare as self-service tools for business advertising.


LeadShare can be used to capture leads from created documents and presentations. When a user downloads a file, responds to a CTA, or fills in a ‘Contact Info’ lead form, leads are generated. Leads can be captured on the platform, your own website, or anywhere the content is embedded. The leads are then captured in dashboard that is created for each campaign. Lead costs are based on how in-depth the questions are.


$1 – $22 Per Lead

$1 Per Email Address


Adshare is another self-service tool which contains promotions to SlideShare’s platform. “Sponsored Content” boxes are placed to to presentations and documents that contain relevant information.


$0.25 Per Click

Measuring Success

Perfect for business to business marketers, SlideShare gets 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Out of B2B marketers in North America, 41 percent use SlideShare to distribute content.

To view SlideShare’s presentation on Adshare, click here.

To view their presentation on LeadShare, click here.

Fact Sheet

SlideShare's advertising fact sheet including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and how to create a successful ad.

SlideShare by the Numbers

Amount of Users

16 million registered users.

Monthly Unique Visitors

Top 200 most visited websites in the world

Total Pieces of Content Shared

400,000 presentations uploaded monthly

Key Demographics


Over 30% of SlideShare users have an income between $25,000 and $50,000.

    Age Dispersion

    SlideShare is widely used by industry professionals and adults over the age of 30.

    Gender Split

    Female and male users of SlideShare are almost equally split in half.


      Many of these users utilize SlideShare for business presentations or as a marketing tool.

      Geographic Regions

      SlideShare has 5 desktop language options including Spanish, German, French, English, and Portuguese.