Why LinkedIn?

 A complete guide to advertising on Reddit including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and more.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform with 500,000,000 users worldwide that helps peers connect with colleagues, potential new employers and remain up to date with industry trends.

Professionals are able to connect with each other based on the connections that they already have. Professionals are also able to find business news and look for potential jobs on the site.

Media Overview
Fact Sheet
By the Numbers

Media Overview

Media Type

LinkedIn is a professional tool that allows colleagues to interact with each other and businesses. Someone is able to create a profile outlining his or her experience and goals. Users are also able to learn more about a particular business or industry by following one or several accounts.

LinkedIn users are also able to upload news articles or share and like one that they find interesting. By allowing users to share articles, it allows them to interact more with each other and create a social atmosphere for the users.

Post Lifespan

Articles, resumes and more on a users’ page will last forever until the user decides to delete them or update his or her page. LinkedIn allows a user to create a profile that outlines all of the work that someone has done, it does so by storing all of the information that a user creates.


User Interests

Users on LinkedIn have a variety of interesting from personal to professional. Being a professional media platforms users from a myriad of industries are using the platform including finance, marketing, consulting, advertising and more.


Advertising Info


Measuring Success

LinkedIn provides analytics to help a marketer understand how a particular ad or campaign is performing. By having this, a marketer is able to measure how successful the campaign is and what he or she can do to make it better. Some ways to measure success include number of clicks on an ad, number of people reached and the amount of goals that were reached from LinkedIn.

If you would like to measure success on an account or page, some ways to measure includes your network size, level of new invitations, profile views, interactions, endorsed skills and recommendations.

Cost of Ads

LinkedIn allows marketers to place bids on advertisement space. The minimum for a budget is  $10 per day per campaign.

  • If a marketer would like to use cost per click, it would cost about $2 per click.
  • If a marketer would like to use cost per impression, it would cost $2 per 1,000 impressions generated.

Fact Sheet

LinkedIn advertising fact sheet. A complete guide to advertising on Reddit including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and more.

LinkedIn by the Numbers

Amount of Users

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social media platforms. With over 500,000,000 users worldwide, a marketer is able to target a wide array of audiences.

Monthly Visitors

With over 94 million unique monthly visitors, LinkedIn is able to help a marketer constantly reach someone new.

Key Demographics

Average Income

LinkedIn is mostly used by professionals, because of this, it will have one of the highest income brackets.


    LinkedIn fastest growing demographic are college students and working professionals. LinkedIn has more than 40 million students and college graduates on the platform.

    Geographic Regions

    LinkedIn has more than 500 million users worldwide. The locations of some of the largest users are below.


    Gender Split