Why Imgur?

Imgur is the world’s largest image sharing community where users can share images in various formats (animated GIFs, drawings, something from Photoshop, or a logo). Users have the option to promote posts, which are boosted into the Imgur stream, reaching more viewers who visit the site.

Promoted Posts are a lot like regular Imgur posts, providing users with a full-page canvas with lots of image space, descriptive text, and links to your business site. Imgur has over 150 million monthly users, with a heavily concentrated community of male millennials (one of the largest on the internet), making it a great site for target advertising.

Media Overview
Fact Sheet
By the Numbers

Media Overview

Media Type

Imgur is the world’s largest image-sharing community.

 Written as “Imgur”, the site’s name is meant to be pronounced  as “imager.” Given that it’s an image hosting, upload, and sharing site, the name makes sense.

  Imgur allows users to view images and post comments, use tools to create new images, send and receive messages in real time and share images onto the site.

User Interests

Imgur is one of the most concentrated communities of Millennial Males found anywhere on the Internet.

 Imgur users are favored by social media users, especially those who have Reddit, Twitter, or Digg accounts. Imgur has a large community of male millennials, with 74 percent of male users under the age of 35.

 Top user interests include: 

∙ Computers & Technology

∙ Entertainment

∙ Video Games

∙ Science

Post Lifespan

The lifetime of an Imgur image.

Imgur hosts images for free in many formats including animated Gif files. The site is supported by advertising, giving users the option to have a  paid-for professional account.

Images are kept online for free and are only deleted if the image is not accessed at least once within a six month period.

Advertising Info

Imgur Advertising 

Measuring Success

Imgur only began testing ads in 2015…

On Imgur, promoted posts have the same look and behavior of the organic posts to get strong, positive user engagement. Imgur’s market strategy is not like other platforms, selling to “geek culture at massive scale,” a.k.a millennial males who are into video games, science, technology, and internet culture. Promoted posts are boosted into the Imgur stream in order to ensure the ads are seen by Imgur visitors every day.

Imgur’s team of creative strategists – members of the Imgur community –  work with businesses to build posts that bring value to the Imgur audience and deliver the best result.

How to track success:

⇧ Votes and likes are trackable.

⇧ Users can add comments on the promoted post.

Cost of Ads

Imgur’s Promoted Posts:

The cost for a Promoted Post depends on the advertiser’s overall commitment. Promoted Posts tend to reach a cost per mille/thousand views of between $30 and $40.

How to know if a post is Promoted:

The post will have a “Promoted” tag under the title and on the post thumbnail.

Fact Sheet

Imgur's advertising fact sheet including demographics, pricing, specs, case studies, and how to create a successful ad

Imgur by the Numbers

Amount of Users
Monthly Visitors
Posts Per Day

Key Demographics

Average Income

45 percent of Imgur users make at least $50,000.

    Top Geographic Regions

    36.91% of Imgur users are from the U.S.


    63 percent of Imgur users have some form of university education.

      Gender Split