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Certificate: Digital Content




Average Program Length: 1 year

A certificate in Digital Content is designed for professionals currently engaged in the fields of corporate communications, social media, marketing and/or public relations who wish to enhance their digital portfolio and remain at the forefront of what’s trending in new media.

Offering an abbreviated curriculum that focuses on consumer trends, content creation, and the latest advances in technology, students will learn to design, create and maintain websites and digital campaigns, gain experience optimizing key platforms, creating customized digital content, and analyzing user experience.

By examining the development of online content from conception through execution, these programs equip students with both the technical and project management skills necessary to implement effective online campaigns.

Typical Coursework:

  • The program is typically divided into two specialties, digital copywriting and interactive design, with some curriculum overlap.
  • Develop expertise in analyzing the impact of digital media on prospective audiences
  • Training in the latest graphic and user-focused design tools
  • Case studies designed to help develop a stronger understanding of the impact of digital media
  • Develop an understanding of how content and design work together to achieve corporate goals
  • Focus on understanding user experience and developing content strategy
  • Training in data-driven decision making

Potential Career Paths:

  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Strategy Manager
  • Director of Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategist
  • Chief Digital Officer

Featured Online Degree(s):

  • Benedictine University – Certificate in Internet Marketing



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