Communication is fundamental for any career. And while a solid skill set in communications can help bolster any career, people can specialize in communication.

The people who specialize in how people communicate to each have a diverse array of jobs to choose from. There are many types of communication concentrations to choose from, all of which are essential to a company.

Individual employees need to know how to communicate to each other and need to work together to build a good corporate culture. Whole departments need to talk to each so they stay on the same track. The company would benefit from having a communication’s director who will carefully talk to the outside world and ensure the proper messaging is conveyed.

And in the digital age, knowing how to effectively convey information is invaluable. Information can only spread as well as it is communicated. This means that marketers with poor communication teams are severely limited in their effectiveness.

The internet has opened up a deluge of opportunities for communication professionals. Keep reading to learn some of the ones that you may qualify for!

Public Relations Specialists Talk to the Whole World

Public relations specialists manage the way their client talks to their customers, their audience, and to the world. They mostly do this through the help of the media.

Public relations specialists speak to the media to ensure they are aware of what your company is up to. They send out press releases to news agencies whenever the company does something that may be newsworthy.

Since they work so closely with the media, they also build up a network of journalists to contact. These are the people who specialists rely on to do their jobs. And the larger the network gets, the more valuable a specialist becomes.

They can also work with political campaigns, government agencies, or even individuals. Public relations specialists are responsible for communicating their client’s message to the world in a way that people will hear it.

And in a world consumed by digital communication, they are invaluable for reaching people. They cut through the noise in social media and manage their clients’ online images.

Public Relations Specialist

  • Salary: $59,300
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Despite all the good they do, expect long hours and a lot stress. Public relations specialists are basically reporters, which means they work reporter hours.

Film Is the New Written Word

Communications concentrations aren’t limited to writing. Media has taken on a variety of new forms – from 3D video to live-streaming. Professionals in the film industry get to be at the forefront of it all.

At the same time, the film industry has room for more traditional career paths. People who study communications are likely to also study how to communicate with film. They are usually familiar with how to hold a camera and how to cut together clips to be the most meaningful.

And in the modern digital age, more people are watching films than they are reading. That makes professionals who know how the produce films invaluable for spreading messages. These professionals are often acquainted with how to produce for a variety of platforms.

They don’t just make films for a regular widescreen anymore. They produce with social media and advertising in mind, adapting to each platform’s unique style.

Film Editor

  • Salary: $58,210
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Camera Operator

  • Salary: $58,210
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Broadcast Technicians

  • Salary: $42,650
  • Qualifications: Associates Degree

Plus, film offers professionals a mode of artistic expression that writing may not be able to do.

The Written Word Remains the Best Way to Communicate

Even if people are reading less online, they are still reading. A study found that Americans read around 12 books per year. That is on top of what people read when considering what to buy online, or when reading social media posts.

There is still a need for writers in the digital marketing industry. People need copywriters to fill out their product descriptions. Those same writers are also needed to fulfill social media strategies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies also require skilled writers to carry them out.

With the development of the internet, writers are only finding more and more work. The work just changed from print publication into one adapted for a digital landscape.

Advertising is also becoming an increasingly lucrative field for writers. In that industry, messages about products need to be concise and effective. It takes people skilled with language to convince people to purchase something or subscribe to a service.


  • Salary: $71,500
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Social Media Manager

  • Salary: $47,911
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree


  • Salary: $55,420
  • Qualifications: None

Writing is also an art, and offers professionals the opportunity to express themselves where other specialists can’t.

People with Communication Concentrations Also Make the Best Managers

While communication professionals already have vital jobs, they also have a lot of room to move up. Good management depends on effective communication. If employees aren’t talking to their managers well, or vice versa, then the business will not perform well.

Most company’s use a top-down organizational structure. This structure concentrates decision making at the top of the pyramid – with the executives. Yet, since they aren’t out with the average employee, they may not have the clearest idea of what is going on. They may not be informed about their own business.

This means that they depend on managers and other immediate subordinates to communicate with them. The most important role anyone in a management position has is as a communicator. They take the information they learn from subordinates and employees and pass it on to where it needs to go.

And while managers may be delivering messages to their superiors, they also communicate downwards. Managers are responsible for making sure their employees are aware of what’s happening within the company.

And in the digital age, the ways they can do this are almost limitless. Remote teams can communicate over software like Slack or Google. Rooms within these programs can act as virtual departments – bulletin boards for specific teams. Managers have the power to manipulate the structures people speak to each other through.

And since messages last practically forever on these programs, managers also do not need to worry about spreading messages. They stay where they’re needed. And managers with communication concentrations will know how to write something that people will read.

General Manager

  • Salary: $76,334
  • Qualifications: At least a year of experience in their field

Managers lead the workforce and industries as a whole. With a strong voice and a clear vision, managers can accomplish practically anything!

Prospects Are Bright for Communication Concentrations

As people realize the value of effectively communicating online, there will be more opportunities for people with communication concentrations. Beyond the communications departments, people are finding careers in all facets of a company.

That’s because communication is one of the most valuable skills there are. While information may be valuable, it is worth nothing if it is not effectively spread. Industry leaders depend on communicators to make information valuable.

The time to become a communications professional is now. Use our tool to peruse some of the available communication positions!

It’s also never too late to go back to school. Using our education tool can connect you a program that works for you and hones your invaluable communication skills.