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Marketing and Advertising Career Options

Popular Digital Communications Jobs

Digital advancement and the prevalence of social media have shifted the way brands connect and communicate with target audiences. Companies across all industries are tasked with engaging consumers on multiple platforms, and see the value of continued investment in their digital infrastructure. This has led to a rise in the number of skilled digital communications professionals needed to engage a new generation of online consumers using both conventional and technology-based tactics.


Communications marketing has evolved from the traditional model to encompass more digital ownership areas.

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Digital Media

Roles in digital media (historically agency jobs) are now emerging in corporate environments.

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Journalism & Broadcasting

Careers in journalism are fast-paced, dynamic and often have potential to become high-profile roles.

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The work environment for digital communications professionals is constantly evolving, allowing individuals to mix technical expertise with creativity. It’s a highly competitive job market, but the broad scope of job opportunities available can allow you to customize the type of career you want to pursue depending on your area of interest and skill set.

If you are considering transitioning careers or becoming highly specialized in a particular area of communications, learning about the variety of programs available, potential job opportunities, and the unique qualifications required for each, can assist you in choosing the right program and finding your path to success.


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