Is a communication Master’s program worth your time? Research says yes, especially if you want to climb the career ladder.

Master’s degree holders in management positions average close to a 20% increase in salary over others in the same positions. Managers with an MBA do even better, showing a 22% increase in salary.

You can still take advantage of this potential in salary increase, even if you have a full-time job. Many online Master’s programs exist.

The question is, what are the best online digital communications programs available?

Choosing an Online Master Degree Program in Communication

If you are looking to further your career, but are afraid you don’t have time to complete another degree, an online master’s program might be for you.

Online programs give you flexibility to get the work done on your own time. This will allow you to continue working while you increase your skills.

An online communication master’s program can also help you fill in some of those skill gaps that are keeping you from moving forward in your career. The number one skill employers look for is communication skills.

Employers look for communication skills in different mediums. Digital communication, graphic and video media, and customer support are all examples. A master’s program could help you strengthen those skills and others.

Choosing the Best Online Digital Communications Program

Determining which digital communications program is best will depend on your career goals.

If you want to be in management, you will want a program that focuses on leadership skills.

If you want to focus on content creation, you will want a program that focuses on digital media creation and storytelling skills.

You will also want to consider the salary potential for the job you want. Different programs will prepare you for different positions. Each of these positions will come with a different salary range.

For instance, a digital strategist averages around $100,000 salary, while a content strategist averages close to $60,000. The digital strategist will also need more specialized training than the content strategist.

Keep in mind what skills you want to combine, and what your specific career goals are as you decide on an online master degree program.

Master’s in Strategic Communication

The master’s in strategic communication is for the person that wants to pursue a career in communication management. This communication master’s program would be good if you want to be:

  • Human Resource manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Director of Communications

Any communication manager will benefit from this program.

A strategic communications degree will teach valuable skills in communication management. These skills include research, digital communication, media strategy, and other public communication areas.

American University is a top pick for an online strategic communication master’s program.

Master’s in Marketing and Advertising

The master’s in marketing and advertising is for you if you want to pursue a career in sales and marketing management. This is the program for people interested in:

  • Sales manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Media director

People that deal with marketing and advertising strategy will benefit from this program.

This program will teach negotiations, writing skill, interpersonal communications, and marketing strategy.

For a marketing and advertising graduate program, check out Purdue or Queens University.

Master’s in Internet Marketing

The master’s in internet marketing is a more specialized marketing program. This is the best program for someone who wants to specialize in online marketing and communication. This is the program for:

  • SEO managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Internet marketing managers

Any position that deals primarily in online marketing and procedures will benefit from this program.

The internet marketing program teaches social media marketing, SEO, analytics, and content design.

Benedictine University offers a great online master’s degree program for internet marketing.

Marketing MBA Programs

If you already have a couple years of business experience, and you want to move your career to the next level, an MBA program may be for you. The MBA program focuses on leadership and management skills. This is for anyone who wants to move into management:

  • Sales manager
  • Media director
  • Advertising manager
  • Marketing manager

Any position of management that will deal with multiple employees and/or projects will benefit from an MBA program.

The MBA program will teach skills such as project management, consumer behavior, presentations, digital marketing, and marketing research.

If you are ready to pursue your MBA, you’ll want to check out the specialized programs offered by the University of Saint Mary or Benedictine University.

Top Schools Offering Communication Master’s Programs

For the best program in strategic communication, American University is the top choice. American University offers a MA degree. Queens University also offers a MA in communication, and Purdue University offers a MS in communication.

If you’re not quite ready to pursue a master’s degree but you still want to strengthen your strategic communication skills, Purdue University offers a graduate certificate in strategic communication.

If you are looking for a degree in marketing, the University of Saint Mary offers an MBA program in marketing and advertising. The degree options from Purdue and Queens University could also strengthen your marketing and advertising skills.

If internet marketing is more your thing, check out the MBA in internet marketing from Benedictine University. They also offer a certification program for those not quite ready for the MBA program.

If you already have some business experience, and you’re ready to pursue your MBA, you might want to check out the MBA in internet marketing from Benedictine University. If you want to focus more on Marketing and Advertising, the MBA from the University of Saint Mary may be the program for you.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Communication and Leadership Skills?

Did any of these programs catch your interest? Do you have any questions for any of the schools mentioned above?

Are you ready to move forward with one of the best online digital communications programs? If you would like to request more information about any of the programs mentioned, you can send your request to the school of your choice.